Conference Presentations

Little-Lecture is proud to offer free academic conference presentations. By working closely with professors, we are able to provide presentations on advanced ideas related to the stories or authors discussed in other lectures. These lectures are the peak of what we offer as they will explain a new concept or idea in the field of that author or story. These might not be the easiest lectures to follow, but if you love a certain author or story and want to push yourself academically, they are great! Furthermore, if you are an undergraduate, graduate, or an accomplished academic, these videos are also excellent as they provide another resource for learning about new ideas.

To watch a presentation, please click the arrow to the right of the conference presentations tab. This will open a drop-down menu which you can navigate to find your desired presentation. Once you click on the presentation, you will be directed to a page that has the lecture.

If you are a professor or graduate student who would like to contribute to the site – which would be greatly appreciated – please contact us.