What is Little-Lecture?

Little Lecture offers free to watch videos about short stories. We provide a whole suite of lectures including, animated shorts, author backgrounds, analyses of short stories, and conference presentations. Please explore all of these options as they each serve a different purpose, and one of them might be just what you were looking for. Thank you for visiting and be sure to stop back again soon to check for new content!

Our Story

There is a problem in the literary academic community. Students turn to unreputable sources for help when reading short stories. We want to offer a place where students can watch short lectures that provide essential information while also properly citing all sources and vetting any information used. This is not the only dilemma faced though. Conference presentations are hard to access and rarely free. Professionals and advanced students deserve to have access to free conference presentations on stories that they care about. To make that happen, we are working together with professors to publish conference presentations that are free to access and easy to find. Ultimately, we want to make the English community, and the humanities as a whole, stronger. We hope you enjoy our services.

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